17 October 2017

A cleaner, safer web with Google Chrome

Unwanted software impacts the browsing experience of millions of web users every day. Effects of this harmful software are often quite subtle—search results are modified to redirect users to other pages or additional ads are injected in the pages that users visit. But in some cases, the changes are so severe that they can make the web unusable—people are redirected to unwanted sites full of ads, and it can be next to impossible to navigate away from these pages.

Chrome already has tools to help people avoid unwanted software. For example, Safe Browsing prevents many infections from taking place by warning millions of users. But sometimes harmful software slips through.

Recently, we rolled out three changes to help Chrome for Windows users recover from unwanted software infections: Hijacked settings detection, a simpler Chrome Cleanup, & a more powerful Cleanup engine. 

We’ve begun to roll this out to Chrome for Windows users now. Over the next few days, it will help tens of millions of Chrome users get back to a cleaner, safer web.

 Donline has recommended Chrome for many years: as the go-to web browser for all. It's web standards compliant, fast & secure. Get it & enjoy the web as it's meant to be!

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