30 October 2017

Fancy a real treat for halloween? Ghostwatch!

It was billed as a spoof, but many of Ghostwatch's 11 million viewers were taken in by the BBC's fake investigation, which in one tragic case led to a teenager taking his own life. On its 25th anniversary, his parents and the creator of the show talk about its impact.

It's Halloween night in 1992, and families across the UK are excitedly huddled around the television. Saturday night TV is at its peak - Gladiators has just premiered on ITV, Casualty is enjoying its seventh series and Noel's House Party is pulling in 15 million viewers a week.

But tonight's big draw is the BBC's heavily-promoted Ghostwatch, a supposedly "live" investigation into paranormal activity being recorded at a family home in Northolt, north-west London.

The programme was the brainchild of horror writer Stephen Volk, who had originally conceived it as a spooky six-part drama, but who was instead asked by producer Ruth Baumgarten to create a 90-minute ghost story for the broadcaster's Screen One series.

I watched this "live" on the night, and although there were some bits that weren't quite right (& therefore smelled a bit of a rat), the show was brilliant & very scary! Since then I have rewatched the show many times & still love it. Highly recommended!

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