15 May 2024

Christian Aid Week 2024

Aline felt the full force of extreme poverty when an early marriage ended in abuse and violence. Separated from her six children, she was forced to sleep on the streets of Burundi. With no home, healthcare or security, Aline was pushed to the brink of survival. But Aline transformed her life with a little help from Christian Aid and partners.

Aline was able to nurture a small income that in time enabled her to buy and grow nutritious food, build a home to call her own, and return her children to her side. Aline was determined to push back against the inhumanity of poverty, driven by hope, faith and the love of her children.

Together we can make this the best Christian Aid Week ever and work towards a world where families can escape the trap of poverty and fulfil their ambitions.

Please donate this Christian Aid Week, thank you


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