04 March 2024

Worshippers to tell Easter story on streets of Havant

A 30-strong cast will dramatise the story of Jesus’s final days on Earth, including his trial, death and resurrection, on a stage set up in the town centre. They’ve been drawn from churches of all denominations from around Havant and Leigh Park.

They’ll attract shoppers and passers-by to stop and watch their 30-minute performance, which will be staged three times on March 30 and once on Easter Sunday 2024. It’s designed to help them understand more about why Jesus died and rose again and what difference it can make to their lives.

It’s the fourth such play that the Havant Passion Play group has staged, after previous performances in Havant Park in 2015, 2017 and 2019. It’s also the fourth play directed by James Burke-Dunsmore, who portrayed Jesus for years in The Life of Christ in Wintershall, near Guildford, and in Trafalgar Square each Good Friday. He has led rehearsals in which cast members are encouraged to think about the emotions felt by their characters as they react to Jesus's words and actions.

UPDATE: Here are the photos that I took of the live production on Saturday 30th March 2024. It was a lovely day, the weather was fine, and the actors delivered a wonderful performance - Kim & I were very moved. I've added some captions, sort of in the style of Stations of the Cross


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