27 March 2024

Shroud of Turin: is this the face of Jesus?


Interest in the Shroud of Turin continues to be insatiable. As the Church remembers Christ’s death and resurrection this Easter, a world leading scholar in the study of the Shroud explains why he’s so confident this really is the burial cloth of Jesus

The Shroud of Turin is the most studied object in the world – and for good reason. If authentic, this linen cloth would constitute physical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. 

Not so fast comes the gut reaction from many Christians, concerned that such a theory skirts dangerously close to venerating a spurious relic. Besides, hasn’t the science concluded this is simply a medieval forgery?

But the truth is, there is little consensus on the Shroud’s authenticity. After thousands of hours of research, study and tests, opinion is still divided among both scholars and enthusiasts. 

And so the intriguing possibility remains open that as God raised Jesus from the dead, some form of energy – whether atomic, radioactive or other – was released from his body, leaving a miraculous imprint on this, his burial cloth. READ MORE...


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