07 June 2022

EU agrees to make common charger mandatory for Apple iPhones and other devices

The European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, is going to force smartphone manufacturers like Apple and other electronics makers to equip their devices with a standard USB-C charging port.

EU lawmakers on Tuesday agreed to a single mobile charging port for mobile phones, tablets and cameras. It means equipment makers will have to comply with the new terms by 2024.

“We have a deal on the #CommonCharger!” EU commissioner Thierry Breton said via Twitter.

The legislation is designed to cut waste and make life easier for consumers who would theoretically be able to use one charger for multiple devices.

It could have a huge impact on Apple, as the company still uses its own Lightning connector to charge iPhones. The company has recently equipped iPads and MacBooks with USB-C ports.

Apple did not immediately respond to a CNBC request for comment. However, a spokesperson for the company said last September that the firm stands for “innovation and deeply cares about the customer experience.”

In other news: macOS will soon block unknown USB-C accessories by default.


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