04 November 2021

Nearly 50% of all UK energy suppliers have now gone bust in the current energy crisis!


This week 4 more energy providers collapsed, taking the number of failed companies to 22. That’s almost half of all UK energy suppliers.

Zebra Power, Omni Energy, MA Energy and Ampoweruk were all relatively small, but the total number of UK households whose providers have stopped trading is now well over 2m.

And it's not just customers of failed suppliers that are affected. Everyone in the UK is facing higher bills from a surge in wholesale gas and electricity prices.

However you’re in good hands with UW - especially during the current energy crisis!

We understand why recent media coverage of the UK energy market has many people worried. But we’d like to reassure all our customers that we’re continuing to operate as normal and are protected from the pricing volatility many other providers are currently experiencing.

It’s been well-documented that wholesale energy prices - the cost suppliers pay to buy energy - have risen to record levels in recent weeks. This has been compounded by the Government’s price cap - the upper limit at which energy suppliers can charge customers on variable tariffs - which has meant a number of UK suppliers are no longer able to operate sustainably. In fact, some have stopped trading altogether.

However, UW is well-positioned to weather this storm and this means that as a UW customer, your service will continue. 


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