17 August 2021

Don rides: The Honda Africa Twin CRF1100D2-L DCT Adventure Sport.


I rode Ariel up to Doble Honda (Coulsden) today for her first annual service. Seems like every time I go to Doble it rains! Fortunately, it was only light drizzle today. That notwithstanding: an absolutely cracking ~150 miles of wonderful riding was had :0).

While at Doble I had a chat to Paul & Mike bemoaning my lack of a touring bike. I really miss Holly the Crosstourer - we had some fab trips on that bike. As incredible as Ariel is - she just isn't a bike one would want to tour on. OK, technically it's possible to tour on anything (Matt and Reece circumnavigated the globe on a scooter with a sidecar back in 2015 - God Bless 'em!). But for me, taking a light & dynamic sportbike & lathering her in luggage seems like heresy! Never mind two up!

So, today I took out Doble's demonstrator Honda Africa Twin CRF1100D2-L DCT Adventure Sport. Its for sale, and very tempting too...

Mike wheeled it out front of their showroom, The CRF is a sizeable beast, but that said, legover was easy, and both feet flat on the ground (seat turned out to be in the low position). The engine note is quite soft (for a parallel twin 1100), and the bike has a Dual-clutch transmission (automatic in layman's terms). I have actually ridden this bike's predecessor for a couple of days back in 2016 and enjoyed it. In all honesty I wasn't expecting the new CRF to be as good as the Crosstourer - I was wrong: it's a fantastic bike! From walking speed to motorway - comfortable & really easy to ride. Looks like a big bike, rides like a small bike. Lots of power with plenty of rapid pickup. Great wind & elements protection. Comes complete with superb luggage & bike protection. Proper abilities in the mud. Yup this would absolutely work as a Crosstourer replacement! 

Wouldn't ever want to say goodbye to Ariel the CB though. I found that Holly was a bit too big for a quick run out & scratching about - but perfect for touring / holidays. Need one bike for  everyday & one for special occasions. So what's needed is one CB & one CRF - sorted!


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