20 May 2018

Take Don's two fave bikes & blend them together - what do you get? The 2018 Honda CB1000R!

I have adored two Honda bikes for some time:
The CB1100RS - proper 80's musclebike vibe, with modern build quality.
The CB1000R - A retuned blade minus the fairing: modern & aggressive.
Honda have taken the best of both bikes & squished them into the all new CB1000R!

While Crescent Honda were running a MOT on my beloved Crosstourer (passed, flying colours), I took the opportunity to take out a new & very much improved CB1000R. The styling is a bit retro ("Neo Sports Cafe" - as Honda's marketing guru's would call it) while also feeling modern, just not muddled. The engine note is fabulous - free revving, and howling. A pleasure to ride fast & hard. Steering is precise & fast, suspension is firm - but not too hard. Riding position is sports business like, but not too angular for an old git like me. 143bhp - lots of power for a 212Kg naked sports bike. Engine modes - I tried "standard" - plenty quick, and "sport" - mad & brilliant! The bike is stumpy, light & fast - I love it!

Somehow Honda have taken two quite different bikes, and combined them to make something which has typically great Honda build quality, feels modern & yet nods to a retro aesthetic - so ticks all of my boxes! Take one for a spin, it's a wrench to hand it back... Dear Santa...

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