10 December 2020

A life that not many understand (by an anonymous biker)


I own a motorcycle because of a personal life choice.

I get wet, I get cold, And I get hot.

I've been afraid, I've even hurt myself.

But also, I laughed out loud with the wind.

I've spoken a thousand times with myself and with God. I still do.

I have sung and I have shouted like a madman, and I have felt deep gratitude that's made me cry.

I have made curves that the champions would be proud of; and yes, a few full of terror...

I have seen wonderful places because of my motorcycle.

And I have stopped to see magical landscapes that filled my heart with wonder.

Because of my motorcycle I have met strangers who share the spirit of the ride, people who have taught me many things.

My bike is not just a means of transportation, it's iron and wheels that blesses me in indescribable ways; it's part of who I am.

One day when I am very old and when I cannot ride anymore, I look forward to memories that only riders know...

Memories made in the exhilaration of facing the wind!

Also see: "Season of the Bike" by Dave Karlotski

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