08 June 2020

What's a great way to commute during these days of COVID? A motorcycle of course!

The safest way to commute is in isolation, and the most isolated way of travelling is on two-wheels. Get where you want to go safely and economically.

Your age, along with a car driving licence that you may already hold, will determine what you can ride, and what you need to gain before riding on the road.

Getting on a motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc is probably easier than you think. If you have a full car licence issued before Feb 2001 then you can already take to the road on a moped.

Whether you choose a moped, an automatic scooter or a geared motorcycle, the CBT course gives you all the basics you'll need to take to the road. At 16 you will be riding a 50cc moped and if you're 17 years old or above, it’s up to 125cc / 11kw. The course can often take as little as a day to complete. You will start riding on a safe off road area and you'll finish up by getting at least two hours tuition on the road.

To ride on the road, you’ll need the correct licence, CBT, road tax, valid insurance and a helmet. However, it is always advisable that you get yourself decent motorcycle gear: protective jacket, quality motorcycle gloves and sturdy footwear. Your local training school or motorcycle dealer will help you make the right choices, always look for the CE approval label on the clothing you buy.

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