Monday, 2 March 2020

Advanced motorcycle training

Considering taking an advanced riding course but worried about what’s involved? Don’t be concerned, it could be the best thing you have ever done and turn you into a safer, swifter motorcyclist all while potentially saving money on your insurance, too.

When most riders hear the term ‘advanced riding course’ they tend to be put off slightly. Sometimes it’s because advanced riding sounds a bit intimidating and something that only the very best riders have the skills to complete. For others is because they want to believe they’re already an advanced rider and can’t be taught anything new. However in reality this is far from the true in both cases. So if you have only relatively recently passed your full test or have been riding for decades, enrolling on an advanced riding course is actually a very good thing to do indeed.

Advanced riding isn’t all about increasing your corner speed, learning super-human overtaking skills or pushing your tyres to the limit, it is focused on making you a safer, more confident rider who is able to identify hazards on the road and react accordingly before they develop into a potentially harmful situation. So rather than thinking of it as advanced riding, think of it as the next progression in your motorcycle riding skills journey.

I have done IAM training (sadly didn't finish the training) & BikeSafe (which I loved). It's a great idea to get professional training to improve your skills & get rid of those bad habits that we all develop.

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