26 November 2019

Report highlights toll of outdated office computers, software, printers

A ZenBusiness study found more than 50% of people said their office was moderately or completely outdated.

Employers are costing themselves time and money because of outdated technology slowing workers down, according to a study released by business tech company ZenBusiness

The company created a survey with Amazon Mechanical Turk and spoke with 917 people evenly split between working at a small business, midsize business and large company. 

The study found that, on average, employees estimate nearly an hour each day is lost due to technology malfunctioning or moving slowly while almost $4,000 is lost each year. 

More than 80% of respondents cited computers as the most commonly outdated technology they use at their workplace while software came in second at 70.5%. Many people also cited printers and displays as tech that constantly failed. 

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