13 November 2019

Every year, dogs are thrown away like rubbish! Please help the Dogs Trust care for an abandoned dog, this Christmas.

Three-legged Boxer cross, Missy was found wandering the streets just days before Christmas. She had been thrown away like she was nothing – just another piece of rubbish. Thankfully, Missy was rushed into our care. She was clearly traumatised by her ordeal but what made her situation even more critical was that she was heavily pregnant.

We did everything we could to make sure she and her puppies knew they weren’t rubbish - It’s what we do for every dog that comes through our doors.

What is wrong with some people? Dogs are a beautiful, precious part of God's creation, & they are good for us too! Always love & care for your pets especially at Christmas, and if possible give to an animal charity like Dogs Trust or Healing Paws. Thanks x. 

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