Thursday, 22 August 2019

In the name of love: Ten profound U2 lyrics about Christian faith

Apparently, it's not very cool to like U2 (Actually U2 are one of my fave bands!). As with every band that's been around for several decades, their ageing members – and fan base – means they've become referred to as 'veterans' who many think should have hung up the guitars a long time ago. Whatever your view of them however, it's hard to deny that they've made a massive contribution to popular music – and in more recent years thanks to the strong Christian faith of lead singer Bono, to wider and more important areas of our culture.

That faith has consistently been the driving force behind the band's songwriting, and as a result their back catalogue is laced with incredible lyrics about God, Jesus, faith and doubt. Here are just ten examples of how the band have addressed Christian spirituality directly in their songs over the years, and no doubt inspired millions of people along the way.

Here is my favourite U2 song: "40". This track really speaks to me: of my beginnings, and what the Lord has done for me. Thank you Jesus!

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