Friday, 9 August 2019

Behold The Man! A new production from the folks at Havant Passion Play. 17 & 18 Aug 2019

This weekend Havant Passion Plays will be taking over Havant Park to perform their newest play Behold The Man, with a cast drawn from churches around the Havant area. In previous years these plays have been drawn huge crowds, presenting the gospel with excellent production and enthusiastic performances, and provide an excellent opportunity to engage in conversations about the relevance of faith and the life of the church in our communities.

Having a large, supportive audience makes a huge difference to those performing, and acts as a draw to passers-by, so we’re working with Havant Passion Plays to help get the word out and invite as many people to come as possible.

Everyone is welcome to come, and you are encouraged to bring chairs and/or picnic blankets (and picnics!) so you can enjoy the performance comfortably.

August 2019 - in Havant Park, Hampshire.
Saturday 17th - Noon & 3pm:
Sunday 18th - 3pm.
Entrance is free - please bring something to sit on.
Hope to see you there!

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