12 July 2019

Tinnitus: Warning for music fans attending concerts

Young music lovers are being warned about the dangers of loud noise at concerts and festivals which could cause permanent hearing damage.

About one in 10 people in the UK have tinnitus and Cardiff-based audiologist Sonja Jones said it was important to wear hearing protection at loud events.

She said ear plugs - offered by many venues - were seen as "uncool" by some.

Musician Nathaniel Ernest, 26, from Cardiff, struggled to sleep after getting tinnitus when he was 18.

He and a friend went to a gig in 2011 - neither wore ear plugs and both came out with ringing in their ears.

Mr Ernest said he had ringing in his ears after gigs and nights out before, but it always went away. This time it didn't.

Yup, that's me. Too much rock n roll, and motorcycling (wind noise) has left me with tinnitusIt's pretty much always there but gets worse at times. If I go to a very loud gig, I can end up with ringing in my ears for a day afterwards! I bought a pair of Senner MotoPro for use on the bike - which work pretty well & attenuating the harmful frequencies out, while are fairly comfortable to wear. I suspect their cousins: Senner MusicPro might end up in the Amazon basket before long...

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