17 July 2019

Real vs fake motorcycle crash helmets

Fake helmets are always a hot topic, especially when the fakes are becoming increasingly harder to distinguish from genuine helmets. It’s recommended that you always purchase your motorcycle crash helmets from recommended retailers with an approved SHARP rating.

Research conducted by SHARP found that up to 50 lives could be saved if motorcyclists wore the safest helmets available to them.

In recent years there was been a massive crack down on those who have been dealing with selling fake helmets. Not only is it illegal but it could seriously impact a riders life if there were to be any injury from a crash.

Although there are currently no plans for SHARP to begin testing other motorcycle garments such as leathers, jackets and boots, or that there is any other organisation testing these materials either, it would make for interesting findings if they were.

A recent survey conducted by Devitt Insurance found that 96% of motorcyclists would continue to wear a helmet even if it wasn’t necessary by law.

If the deal sounds too good to be true - it usually is... These things are life savers - not fashion accessories! Don't take the risk: buy a decent lid from a "bona fides" retailer such as my two favourites: Infinity Motorcycles & Motolegends

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