14 May 2019

Holly the Crosstourer is in for a major service. Look what I have as a 2 day loaner!

Holly the Honda Crosstourer is in for a major service at Crescent Honda in SouthamptonI had a fabulous journey to drop her off this morning! Sunny but cool, warm tarmac & tyres, happy days!

The kind chaps at Crescent have loaned my one of my favourite bikes while mine is in the shop: a CB1000R+. What's the "+" then? A few bits of bling (meh), and far more importantly: an Akrapovic zorst & up & down quickshifter! This is a truly great bike: well designed & built, powerful, fast, fun & nimble. A really rewarding ride, but being naked keeps one sensible(ish) ;0).

A fab ride to Loomies, then home, on this glorious day. 
It's good to be alive: thanks Lord!

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