11 May 2019

11th May is World Fair Trade Day - let's vote with our wallets!

More and more of us are expressing our values through our everyday shopping. We increasingly demand more information about what goes into our food and other purchases, where they come from and how they are made.

Brands are responding with a bewildering range of labels and claims from organic to vegan, from ‘sustainably sourced’ to ‘cruelty free’, on everything from ice cream to hand cream. 

World Fair Trade Day is a good time to look at which ethical and sustainability considerations are most important for consumers. What do shoppers want to know? Are they influenced by companies’ sustainability claims, or do they need to see that brands are actually ‘walking the talk’? And as consumers ourselves, do our choices really make a difference?

Click HERE to find out more about Fair Trade - and how you could make a real difference to impoverished food producers around the world.

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