Thursday, 3 January 2019

59, 60... 60 years (almost) of the 59 Club!

With its impending 60th anniversary, the 59 Club, started by biking vicar, the Rev. Bill Shergold, is one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in the world. 

This film touches on the past & present from the 60's to the present. With roots in the ton-up boys, we meet two of the club leaders, Dick & Gal who joined in the Rocker period, but took on the running of the club nearly 50 years ago. 

We also meet the new chairman, the Rev. Sergiy Diduk, as they prepare for this historic period in the club's unbroken timeline. The club has always been about the fellowship of two wheels & wearing the iconic badge to show that your taste in life is particular.

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