Saturday, 22 April 2017

My 1st SkyDive - from 15000 ft!!! Thanks GoSkyDive!

Having had a "big birthday" last year (21 if you must know), Kim bought me a SkyDive package from the great guys at GoSkydive. They are based in Salisbury, and offer tandem jumps from 7000, 10000 & 15000 ft.

We decided to do the maximum height: 15,000 ft with the "Totally Epic" video package - which includes two video recordings: one by the instructor (the guy that I'm buckled to), and another by a freefall jumper. They used GoPro cameras which gave great results. The video is crystal sharp & I'm so happy with the results! We also got loads of still pictures as well.

Their organisation is amazing: slick, running like a well oiled machine! From booking, to the run-up to the day, even after the day, we had regular communications from them by text & email. The jump date was set for 21st April 2017. We were booked in for an arrival time of 11am, but arrived 30 minutes early with our great mates Brian & Tracy. I was immediately fast tracked through: induction, sign-in, suiting up / buckled into a harness, dangled from the ceiling(!) / given training, off to the departure area, and then to the aeroplane.

Now, bearing in mind that I love excitement & thrills, not scared of heights, love speed, I knew this was going to be great: I had no idea just how incredible this was going to be. My instructor was Henk who was great fun & gave superb advice, keeping me focused on exactly what to do & when. The freefall cameraman (Roman) was excellent too, with lots good banter from both guys.

Here are the videos, I hope you enjoy, I certianly did!
BTW, the intro's are the same, (slightly different angle) then the action starts!
See if you can spot Stonehenge!

If this is potentially your sort of thing, just do it! - highly recommended!