Thursday, 6 April 2017

Honda CB1100RS - modern retro has never been this good!

1st ride review by VisorDown: ‘The EX version is the standard chrome roadster, while the RS version has sportier brakes, suspension and riding position.

‘Updates to both models over the old bike include a larger fuel tank, new Showa suspension, LED lights, slipper-clutch and other detail cosmetics.

‘First impressions are that the things that made the CB1100 good are still good - the off-beat motor (literally, with different cam timing between cylinders giving the engine a slightly gruffty exhaust noise; it sounds a bit like a misfire, but in a good way) is a big, smooth, boomy air-cooled thing that grunts from 1000rpm and pulls cleanly through the new six-speed transmission.

‘Mid-range beef isn't overwhelming - top gear overtakes need a shift down; it's only 88hp after all.

‘Handling is solid; the RS is slightly quicker steering and more responsive, the brakes are sharper and the riding position a bit more front end biased (with flatter bars).

‘Ride quality is good, and in dodgy conditions it's easy to sling both bikes around with confidence - enough to find the limits of ground clearance. More riding to do, hope the weather improves for a bit more action.’ 

Proper big bike look: straight out of the 70's. Big four cylinder engine. Stunning. I feel like I've fallen through a time warp! Need to have a go... 

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