Thursday, 19 January 2017

Charity Spotlight: Find Your Feet / Curry For Change - Jo’s visit to Malawi

Who did you meet whilst in Malawi?

"I met most of the 20-strong Find Your Feet Malawi team. Some are based in their headquarters in Mzuzu, and others work out in the field. And of course, I met, shook hands, and danced with many, many villagers wherever I went.

All the areas we visited were out-lying villages mainly accessible only by foot. This makes communication, let alone commerce, between communities very difficult."

How were the people you met working to create change?

"In the village of Kacheche, the farmers were learning how to grow maize more efficiently in order to get a bigger crop, one that is more capable of withstanding climate extremes. They were also learning how to nurture goats to create manure for agriculture, and how to keep bees.

In Mbalachanda, the people were learning about nutrition and how to make and preserve a variety of tasty and nutritious foods using locally grown products. They were also discussing the importance of nutrition for those who are HIV+. Find Your Feet has successfully encouraged people to be assessed and treated for HIV/AIDS."