Friday, 6 January 2017

Honda’s self-balancing motorcycle!

At the Consumer Electronics Association exhibition in Las Vegas this week, Honda have unveiled a concept motorcycle that can do more than just not fall over. Despite resembling an NC750S this bike known as the Moto Riding Assist and uses Honda’s robotics technology to maintain balance which “greatly reduces the possibility of falling over while the motorcycle is at rest” reads the press release.
Rather than relying on gyroscopes, which add a great deal of weight and alter the riding experience, the Honda Moto Riding Assist incorporates technology originally developed for the company’s UNI-CUB personal mobility device.
The official video, shows technicians standing on the footpegs with arms out wide as the bike shuffles its front wheel to find the balancing spot. Try standing on one leg and you get the idea. The video also shows a technician demonstrating the automatic adjustment of the steering angle or geometry of the rake.