Friday, 27 May 2016

Camino: Spain, day 6

We had a superb breakfast at the marvellous Casafuerte hotel. It's funny, I always thought that a continental breakfast was the poor relation of the great British breakfast. Not so. We have had some absolutely cracking morning nosh-ups in France and Spain on this trip.

We set off from Zarraton and the 1st stop was San Juan de Ortega, where we visited the church. There were many Pilgrims in the small village from all over the globe. Actually we saw hundreds of Pelegrinos over our ride today. We travelled through Burgos, past the Cathedral and headed on to Lean, then on to Astorga, passing through many small villages.

The blasted SatNav was driving us nuts again today, sending us round in loops twice, then running out of battery with over 30 minutes to our lovely hotel: which is a beautifully converted dairy!

We covered 391 miles with nice riding weather: sun, a touch of cloud, 22-ish degree C. However, the wind in Spain stays mainly on the plain. Strewth it was windy today! The day started out with very hilly sections, but the second half was fairly flat & level.

Kim & I met these three lovely Swiss ladies (Angela, Aneka & Fly the pup) at a fuel stop at Carreon de los Condes. They are walking the Camino in reverse, starting at Santiago de Compostela, and heading back home! 
See, not everyone does it the conventional "Way"!

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