Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Camino: France, day 3

Wonderful weather, & a day of two halves!

Highlight of the day was Bordeaux: Pomerol (beautiful), & then Saint-Émilion (even more wonderful!). We had a good wonder around Saint-Émilion and a lovely ride around the area. We noticed that our fuel was running low (sound familiar?). After a slightly worrying 30 minutes we found a traditional service station (attended service) with a café bar, where we partook of refreshments. A lovely end to the better half of the day.

On the way to Toulouse, there was a guy (gal?) in a small black French car (no names, no pack drill) who was literally driving down the middle of the road - straddling the white lines! We did wonder if he had been enjoying Bordeaux famous produce... Then our trusty Garmin Zumo SatNav went massively on the blink and stopped taking power, while the battery ran out! Toulouse in rush hour is "Interesting", in the Chinese definition... Plenty of Police, Ambulances, etc! We finally got to our hotel and are now freshening up, getting ready for dins. A total of 518Km today.