Thursday, 26 May 2016

Camino: Spain, day 5

The Camino truly begins today!

We left the wonderful Manexenea hotel and set off once more for St Jean Pied de Port. We started to see the first of many pilgrims, known as Pelegrinos: many walking, some on bicycles, just the two of us on a motorcycle! We counted over 50 today.

The route took us through the stunning and at times scary(!) Pyrenees mountains: breathtaking. The odd thing was, there was no border or controls crossing over from France to Spain. In fact we didn't even notice when it happened!

We travelled through: Pamplona & Logrono to reach our excellent hotel for tonight: Hospedería Palacio de Casafuerte in Zarraton - which is very bit as grand as you would expect an ex palace to be. We were given a lovely greeting, and our room is fabulous!

We are in the Rioja region,  can't remember what comes from there: BA & TC? Scenery is wonderful, have to come back here again.

The weather is lovely and sunny, around 25C. A short day's riding today: 232Km. Minor miracle: fuel consumption yesterday / today is at an all time low of 300+Km on this tank. Surprising as there has been lots of low speed, technical riding through small villages & in the mountains.