01 July 2024

Microsoft confirms recent Windows 11 updates break taskbar


Windows 11 versions 22H2 and 23H2 recently received a non-security update with a bunch of new features and small fixes. Sadly, KB5039302 turned out to be a real troublemaker. Microsoft has already confirmed that it causes infinite restarts on certain systems, and now, there is another known bug.

Microsoft published a new message on its official Windows Health Dashboard website to warn users that KB5039302 is breaking the taskbar on specific Windows 11 editions, namely Windows N.

For those unfamiliar, Windows N is a special version of the operating system with a bunch of media features removed, such as the Windows Media Player app. Microsoft also said that the bug affects customers with regular editions who turned off media features in the "Turn Windows features on or off" UI.

According to Microsoft and the official documentation, affected customers cannot interact with the taskbar, while the rest of the UI and File Explorer continue operating as usual:

After installing the June 2024 Windows preview update (KB5039302), released June 25, 2024, you are likely to face issues with the Taskbar. This issue is only expected to occur if you are using a Windows N edition device or if you turn off the ‘Media Features’ via Control Panel->Programs-> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off. N editions of Windows include the same functionality as other editions of Windows, except for media-related technologies, Windows Media Player, and certain preinstalled media apps.

You might not be able to view or interact with the Taskbar after logging in to your device once the update is installed. Other applications like File Explorer, Desktop and Settings will continue to work.

Microsoft is working on a resolution, which will be available in a future update. As a reminder, KB5039302 is no longer available for download - Microsoft pulled it after confirming reports about infinite restarts.


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