02 June 2021

Ready for some fab summer music? Try this: the ultimate party album! The B-52's Time Capsule: Greatest Hits

Taken in one concentrated best-of dose, it becomes evident what a coup the B-52's pulled off when they turned their own concentrated craziness into genuine hits. This is some of the weirdest stuff ever to make the charts, much less be loved by the masses.

It's all here though--the mad surf guitar of Ricky Wilson (and later Keith Strickland), the banshee wails of Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson, and, of course, the, um, well, let's say vocalizing of freaky Fred Schneider. 

"Party out of Bounds" with a "Rock Lobster" on "Planet Claire," or "Roam" over to the "Love Shack" in "Private Idaho." Whatever you do in the B-52's universe will at least be good, clean, perverse fun. Contains two new songs.

I saw the B-52's play Brixton Academy aeons ago - they were truly brilliant: still one of the most fun bands that I've ever seen live! Till then, I'd never been to an indoor gig where the whole audience was dancing! Need a pick-me-up? Try this!


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