Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Austin Vince speaks at Surrey Trail Riders Fellowship: 26 Feb 2019

Austin is a lifetime member of the TRF and has been for almost 20 years. He is a regular speaker at TRF club nights and is well known to British bikers as the man behind Mondo Enduro, Terra Circa, Mondo Sahara and many other motorcycle travel adventures. Members may remember his highly acclaimed video  where he starred alongside  Ross Noble in Stairway to Devon  (filmed by our very own Greg Villalobos!)

Austin has been in the TRF for almost 20 years and is now a lifetime member. Although a maths teacher for most of his life, Austin has also spent the last 20 years building up an astounding level of knowledge in the Catalan Pyrenees.

His Visibly Impressive Navigation Challenge Event (V.I.N.C.E) and its vintage counterpart, Twinshock Trailfinder have had 100s of riders map-reading their way around some of the most spectacular and gate-less scenery in the world.  His latest idea is 'Mini-Mondo', a five-day venture with a scratch team of 8 riders rough-camping and self-catering their way across 500 miles of epic Pyrenees trail-riding.

Kim & I had a great time at Surrey TRF yesterday listening to Austin: a very funny & inspiring guy. I'd love to do his Mini-Mondo, but owing to my extreme lack of off-road skill & a suitable bike (no probs there then!), this will have to wait for now... Cut to the chase: there is nothing sadder than a motorbike in the garage gathering dust - get out there peeps, get some miles in!

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