Tuesday, 28 August 2018

A smart way to get "genuine" printer ink - the subscription model

Until relatively recently when it was time to order some ink for your inkjet printer, you had a couple of choices: take the risk of using cheap refilled cartridges (just say no!), or pay through the nose for "genuine" OEM cartridges.

There is a new model where you subscribe to the manufacturer & pay a monthly fee. They then monitor your printer & send you out fresh ink supplies before your current ink runs out.

Not all manufacturers offer this service (yet), & older printer models usually aren't supported. However: looking at the subscription fees (HP £7.99 for upto 300 pages/month), they look a lot more attractive then paying between £60 & £100 for a set of ink tanks!

Here are links to the various manufacturers websites, hope it helps!
Canon - not yet
Brother - not yet
Lexmark - not yet

So: if you are in the market for a new printer I'd recommend considering: 
Epson or HP

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