21 July 2016

Which is more expensive: Printer Ink or Vintage Champagne?


I've just run out of ink in my (great) Canon Pixma MG6350 MFD Printer.
As I went to change the ink tanks, I wondered how much ink was in a tank?
How much does that ink cost per ml?
How does that compare to, say, high end Champagne?

New: 20 grams
Empty: 14 grams
Therefore 6 grams of ink in a new tank.
Ink RRP = £19.05
£19.05 / 6ml = £3.175 per ml of ink(!!!)

1500ml Magnum bottle (equivalent of two standard bottles)
RRP = £1,499.98
£1,499.98 / 1500ml = £1 per ml of Champagne.

To put it another way: the ink costs just under £16 per teaspoon full!

Caveat: the maths might not work out quite as above! Pure water weighs 1 gram per millilitre. I suppose that ink & champagne don't weigh the same as water, but probably/maybe not too far off... Anyway, makes you think!

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