15 July 2017

When MCN needs to know - who do they turn to? ;0)

Motorcycle News (MCN) asked the question: 
If you had £20k to spend on a bike, what would you buy (& why)? 
This is my answer:

I have a Crosstourer, which I love, My wife Kim has a Grom, which is brilliant fun!

I often try bikes from the various dealerships that we are Blessed to be surrounded with in Hampshire. I usually enjoy the rides, but only two have left me wanting to own one: Honda’s CB1000R & CB1100RS - the latter wins!

The CB1100RS has a great old school musclebike feel, pulls strongly, rides sweetly, looks incredible, has the whole toy shop thrown at it! Honestly, what’s not to like? PS: you get lots of change from £20k!

As published in MCN 12th July 2017.

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