06 May 2017

The Ryde Queen Paddle Steamer: used to be one of Kim's family's ships!

BBC South Today 4 May: The Ryde Queen paddle steamer has been an important part of the Isle of Wight for 80 years. The paddle steamer was part of the D-day landings before being turned into a passenger ferry. But, now her future appears to be in doubt.

By Kim: Mum and Dad refurbished the Ryde Queen as a Floating club for the Marina and opened her in 1972 with Carolyn Moore, Miss Great Britain. She was berthed alongside "The Medway Queen" which opened in 1966, just after I was born. The top floor was a funnel bar where you could sit and look up the funnel whilst listening to piano music. The middle deck was a restaurant, bar and dance floor and the lower deck was the nightclub. At the rear it was a hotel here people could stay over if they were a bit worse for wear! 
There was often over 1000 people on the ships on a Friday and Saturday night.
We lived on the boat for a while while our house was being refurbished. 
Lots of happy memories although my parents worked long hours which was often difficult.
They filmed St Trinians on the deck and I served dinner to Geoffrey Palmer and Arthur Lowe when they were filming Bless Me Father episode All At Sea on the Marina. 
 It's sad to see her in such a sorry state, rest in peace Ryde Queen!

Here are some photos that Don took of the Ryde Queen on the 14th May 2016, looking tragically in a very sorry state...

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