29 May 2017

Fairtrade matters: nice one Greggs! Sainsbury's - not so good

Did you know that Greggs now have loads of Fairtrade in their mix? It’s true! You can now head to your local store and pick up a fairer tea (black, peppermint and green), coffee, hot chocolate, juice and banana. In the 10 years that Greggs and Fairtrade coffee farmers have been working together, they’ve invested over £1 million into their farms and communities.

Greggs care about Fairtrade so much that some of their staff recently went all the way to Peru to meet some of the farmers that grow their coffee. They wanted to hear directly why being a part of Fairtrade is so important. Find out what the farmers had to say in this lovely film Greggs put together from the trip. Watch it here now.

Sainsbury’s, however will start selling its own-brand tea under a new “Fairly Traded” label, sparking a fierce backlash from the Fairtrade Foundation, which currently has its brand on the tea.

The foundation said that it is concerned that the new “untested model”, which the supermarket is due to start using in an open-ended trial next month, will not help the most marginalised tea farmers and producers.

In Malawi, one of the countries to be enrolled in the new “Fairly Traded” pilot scheme, 75 per cent of the population already live below the international poverty line.

BTW, Greggs also do the best sausage rolls in the world!

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