09 March 2017

Tracey Ullman's 'As A Christian...' Sketches: What's She Getting At?

If you were to make a list of modern Defenders of the Faith, Comedian Tracey Ullman probably wouldn't be at the top of it. The award-decorated star, who is even more of a household name in the US than in her native UK, has never talked openly about a personal religious faith, and got her big break playing a bizarre born-again Christian club singer.

Yet for her new TV series – her first original British programme for 22 years – she's created a Christian character which seems to be both 'faith-positive' and offering a critique on the marginalisation of the faith in modern Britain.

The character is a sympathetic, intelligent woman who impresses everyone around her until she utters her catchphrase line 'as a Christian...' At this point the atmosphere changes, the other characters treat her with a mix of fear and disgust, and the general consensus is that she's 'a bit weird' for having a faith in 2017.

In one sketch featuring the character, Patricia Hughes, the revelation is enough to thwart her chances of getting a job. Her interview is going well, to the point that the man across the table infers that she's going to get it, until she reveals that 'as a Christian' she finds it hard to talk up her skills and CV. As soon as he learns this his face falls, he calls in a colleague who confirms his concern at the news, and Patricia is made to feel uncomfortable to the point that she withdraws her application.

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