09 March 2017

TalkTalk just can't do any good - now blocking TeamViewer!

A spokeswoman for the UK ISP TalkTalk confirmed it had blocked "a number of sites and applications" including TeamViewer from its network to protect customers from phishing and scamming activities.

The company said it was working with TeamViewer and other third parties on implementing some additional security measures to enhance security.

TeamViewer is one of the most popular pieces of software to enable remote access. It was also used by hundreds of scammers attempting to defraud TalkTalk customers by gaining remote access to their computers.

This is what is known as throwing away the baby with the bathwater, while blaming other parties! 
Donline & many other reputable IT support companies spend significant sums of money to license TeamViewer to support our clients.
TalkTalk however doesn't have a particularly glowing reputation when it comes to security!
If you have had enough of the numpties at TalkTalk - contact Donline to discuss quality alternative ISPs.

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