Friday, 28 October 2016

Urgent prayer request for Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi an innocent Christian mother of 5 caught up in the unjust and unequal society of Pakistan, has been given a historical death sentence (by hanging) from the Sheikhupura Court of Pakistan. Her crime?  Simply under provocation she said:  "My Jesus died for me what has Muhammed done for you?" For this she was beaten, raped and placed in jail.  Why was she provoked?  Because she drank then She offered water to fellow female co-workers, from a cup that was specifically for Muslims only.  Her colleagues felt that she was untouchable (ritually impure) and had rose above her station.  She was beaten and raped and her daughters were sexually molested yet only Asia Bibi has been incarcerated?  The malevolent Blasphemy Law of Pakistan is a constant threat to people from minority faiths residing there.

Please be aware of this case. Pray for freedom and safety for Asia, her family, & the persecuted Church worldwide.

Perhaps we ought to reconsider the aid given to Pakistan?