10 October 2016

New LED bulbs at Tocher Towers - free thanks to Utility Warehouse!

Kim & I have just had all of our bulbs replaced - for free - courtesy of Utility Warehouse!
Yes, that's supplied & fitted for free, with a lifetime guarantee!
There were filament, halogen, GU10s, all sorts: replaced with the latest LED bulbs.

Think of this saving:
 A typical traditional GU10 bulb uses 50w. The LED replacement uses 7.5w.
That's a 85% saving in electricity!
The average kitchen has 4+ GU10 bulbs.
Imagine the saving on electric bills!

Click here to find out how you can get the Utility Warehouse to replace all of your bulbs with "brilliant" LED bulbs. Save money, energy, and help the environment.

Contact Donline to find out how you could save money too!

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