28 July 2023

Google what our chatbot tells you... says Google

Google says people should use its search engine to check whether information provided by its chatbot, Bard, is actually accurate.

Some have suggested chatbots like Bard and ChatGPT could "kill" traditional search, which is dominated by Google. But users have found the information they provide can be wrong or even entirely made up.

Google's UK boss Debbie Weinstein said Bard was "not really the place that you go to search for specific information". Speaking to the BBC's Today programme, she said Bard should be considered an "experiment" best suited for "collaboration around problem solving" and "creating new ideas". "We're encouraging people to actually use Google as the search engine to actually reference information they found," she said. 

Ms Weinstein pointed out users had the opportunity to give feedback on the answers Bard gave them via thumbs up or thumbs down buttons.

Bard's homepage does also clearly state it has "limitations and won't always get it right", but doesn't repeat Ms Weinstein's advice that all results should be checked using an orthodox search engine.


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