04 July 2022

Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) pledges to overturn UK Government’s petition "snub"

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is determined to overturn the Government’s snub of the bus lane petition.  Colin Brown describes the petition response as predictably blinkered.  Consequently, campaigning will continue to exceed 100,000 signatures in order to trigger a Parliamentary debate.

On 30th June, the Government published a response to the ‘Bikes in Bus Lanes’ petition.  MAG views the response as a snub which fails to address the substance of the petition.  Campaigners are seeking a change to current policy but the response merely repeats the existing Government position that the issue is “entirely a matter for each traffic authority to decide.”

The Government has failed to address the central issue of the petition.  That position is that there should be a default national policy to permit motorcycles in bus lanes.  The goal is to remove the patchwork of regulation put in place by local councils.


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