Monday, 9 September 2019

Win a biking life! Training, a new bike, riding gear & insurance!

Know someone that wants to get into biking? You know that friend… yes, that one that doesn’t ride a motorbike. You’d really like to hang out with them more, but when they don’t ride it’s just, well, dull. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Kawasaki Motors and Oxford Products to give one lucky person the chance to start their biking life.

The folk at Kawasaki are offering one non-rider the chance to do their motorcycle training from CBT through to taking their full test. Upon passing, they’ll get their very own brand-new Kawasaki Z400 motorbike including their first registration fee and one year’s VED tax. Our friends at Oxford will kit them out from head-to-toe with a helmet, jacket and trousers, gloves, boots and that all-important neck warmer and the generous people over at Kawasaki Insurance will help them out with their first year’s insurance premium.

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