28 November 2016

Video: Jetmen join French Air Force aerobatic team for insane formation flight

Three jetmen have taken to the skies of southern France to join the Patrouille de France aerobatic demonstration team for a "world's first" formation flight. The breathtaking aerial performance was captured on film by Airborne Films and can be seen in this video.

The Jetman Dubai team's Yves Rossy and Vincent Reffet already have an impressive formation flight feather in their cap, after flying alongside an Emirates Airbus A380 passenger jet in October 2015. Now they've been joined by fellow jet-propelled wing flyer, and local boy, Fred Fugen for a nine minute precision dance in the skies above Saint-Christol in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of France for the first flight with the iconic Alphajet team.

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